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Painted Love + Easel Paintings

new work

This month (Jan 29 – Feb 2) we are debuting new work at the New York International Gift show in booth # 4150 with Crow and Canary in Studio. We also just added NEW painted easel designs and DIY flat notes to the site. We had a lot of fun painting them and each design posted here is also available as a blank canvas/DIY project. We also added a few new Valentine’s Day cards Love Parade + Vintage Valentines Collage. More new designs coming soon!

The images on the right are detail images.



NEW Friendship Bracelet Cards with Elephant Charm

Dear Hancock NEWS!  new work


These new folded cards will be hitting the shop soon! Those are details on the right.

Looks like Annie added them to the shop already. Whew she’s fast! You can find the Black + White design here and Pink + Gold here



Inspired by the Process

inspiration  new work

photo credit: Stephen Chiu

I looked down one day and was in awe at how beautiful our paint palettes and color studies were and decided to share them by creating folded cards and wrapping paper out of them. By acknowledging the process and the by-products of our creative life I feel invigorated.

Check out the paint palette cards here and our NEW! Wrapping Paper here.

These designs were posted on the awesome Design Sponge, and traveled via the web to HOW design blog and Design Work Life! Thanks to all for the nice posts!



NEW! Mom card in the shop

fresh off the press!  new work

Looking for a sweet hand illustrated card for mom? We thought this card was a perfect way to thank Mom on Mother’s Day or any other day.



What’s New In The Studio?

Behind the Scenes  new work

I thought I would share studio peeks on a somewhat regular basis. This may include, but not be limited to new designs,  parts of paintings or actual studio happenings, but whatever form it takes I thought it would be nice to post about what we are up to.

We are preparing for the National Stationery Show in NY as first time exhibitors and we are very excited to debut our NEW Stationery, Cards and Prints. We had heard from customers that they were framing our stationery so we are happy to be able to offer select illustrations as larger prints. We are also creating 25 new paintings that we are translating into cards and stationery!  We have been working around the clock and we are very excited for the show and to launch our new designs.

What are you working on? We would love to know..