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Elizabeth Lloyd Photography

wedding  wedding photography

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With wedding season around the corner we wanted to introduce you to wedding photographer, Elizabeth Lloyd.

Her approach is energetic and thoughtful and her photographs are natural, unposed and modern. She has been dubbed the ninja photographer by many clients because of her agility and commitment to getting the best shot.

Elizabeth travels throughout the US, Mexico and beyond photographing weddings. Please visit her website for more  gorgeous examples of her work and hire her! You’ll  be glad you did.

I asked Elizabeth to caption her photos below:

photo 01: Helen and Dominique: Charleston, South Carolina
This is what my favorite photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson coined ‘the decisive moment’. I’m so grateful that I caught this wonderful moment on film.

photo 02:: Meghan and Ben: Bucerias, Mexico
Ben and Meghan were a very fun couple and hired a donkey to come hang out at their wedding. I wanted to document them with it in a way that was playful but not too posed. It was a fun moment and I wanted that to come across.

photo 03:: Guy and Rebecca: Los Angeles, California
It’s a challenge to take a bridal party shot that looks natural! By letting them ‘get their lean on’ and interact with each other, and then by stepping back into the bushes for a birds-eye point of view, it makes things look a little less staged, and a little cooler. I loved this group and I knew they would like something a little funkier.



Happy Birthday to the handsome half of DH


Today is E’s birthday and I wanted to dedicate a post to him. He is the best friend anyone could ask for, incredibly talented and an awesome partner. Luck stuck when our path’s crossed and I am thankful everyday. I took this picture a few years ago when we were clearing out our sun room and that is Doge asleep on his lap.



Display Design at LACMA

design inspiration  display design  museum  palette

Lucky for me E works at LACMA teaching art on the weekends and he reports back about all of the great shows they have going on. This show flips me out not only because of the European dress stylings of yester year, but look at how awesome the display design is. We were thinking it looks like the mannequins just arrived and emerged from their shipping crates. Genius. Link to show



Display inspiration in Geneva

design inspiration  display design  palette

I know that mother nature wins out in a place like Switzerland for beauty, but I have to say I was very excited to go to Geneva after being around so much nature in Zermatt. With the national stationery show around the corner I have display on my mind. Here are some photos of windows that caught my eye.