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Shih Tzu in a Unicorn Tee in print

Dear Hancock NEWS!  Dear Hancock Press

I have such a great time drawing these dogs that it makes me very happy when someone else appreciates them. Thank you ModernDog!



We’re back from the National Stationery Show!

Dear Hancock Press  national stationery show

We are back from NSS and even though I have a longer post planned about the show, I wanted to share some press and images from our booth! I will add all of our new press to the press page after we get some orders out the door, but for now check out our new designs and booth featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper! We are so excited about our new retailers and reconnecting with the current shops that we work with. We met such amazing and supportive people..can’t wait to share more soon!



Writers at their Typewriters

desks  inspiration  work

I have always had a fascination with work and working, the way we work, how hard or not hard we work, how people set up their desks and spaces and studios to work, etc. etc. This interest is partly what inspired our desk collection. I was really excited to see this post on the guardian of writer’s at their typewriters. Agatha Christie is pictured here in between stacks of her own books that she wrote. And check out Martin Amis ..he looks exactly the way I pictured him..

You can see how and where we work on Design Sponge they post these great “sneak peeks” of various people’s live/work spaces.



Happy Mother’s Day!

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This is my mom on the right laughing..her favorite pastime and something that she has passed on to me and my sisters. Sometimes I say shocking things just to get her to crack’s actually quite easy. She went on from here to become a hippie and then raised us in rural New Hampshire. Happy Mother’s Day Mom and thank you for all of your hard work! xo



Invitation to The National Stationery Show 2011

Behind the Scenes  national stationery show

We featured our work table and our booth model in the hand painted invitation that we sent out this year. We are growing our mailing list so please send us an email hello{at} if you would like to receive invitations from us in the future! We are leaving for The National Stationery Show in a few days and we have been working around the clock. We can’t wait to share 25 new designs that we are debuting at the show and two of our designs are finalists in The Best New Product Competition.

Please visit us at Booth # 1934!