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Gwendolyn Mason Letterhead

Behind the Scenes  procrastination

The National Stationery Show is right around the corner and we have so much to do. This is our second year at the show and I thought it would be easier, but it is actually harder. We are still painting new designs and I have a daunting to do list consisting of: ordering walls, electrical, furniture, lighting flooring, finishing catalog (as soon as designs are completed) mounting cards, press kits, bios, sending out our mailer, it goes on and on. So when I am busy I obsess over details like having my own letterhead and insisting that are “paid” stamp is ugly and we have to make a custom one. paperwink hooked us up on that front.



New Dear Hancock Cards at Anthropologie

Behind the Scenes  Dear Hancock retailers

A new batch of cards are now available at Anthropologie. Go check them out at a Anthropologie store near you!