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Barn Studio Renovation

Behind the Scenes  Dear Hancock Studio


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If you follow us on social media you may already know that we moved from Los Angeles to New England last year. We found this beautiful property that used to be a working horse farm built back in 1790. It’s so full of character and history. We are feeling really great about the move and loving our new surroundings. We will always love Los Angeles, our friends and the history we have there but we felt that this was the best move for both our business and family. One of the big challenges that we faced when we arrived was renovating our barn into the Dear Hancock studio in the middle of winter. Luckily our dear friend Paul McKean is an incredible architect and jumped on a plane from Portand Oregon to help us with the plans. He also had the idea of  keeping and converting the old animal trough into our work table. We are really happy with how it all turned out and it’s such a charming space to work in. We are still renovating the second floor which will become our art studio. We are so excited that we will finally have an entire space completely devoted to our art and illustrations (the most important aspect of our business) Shane and Josh Hantchett were the contractors on the job and they were also incredible to work with.  If you want to see some before images you can check them out here.