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Everything I can do she can do better – Charles Eames


If you haven’t watched The Architect and the Painter I recommend it.  For all the couple partner teams out there Ray and Charles Eames are our biggest inspiration.  I was most excited to learn more about Ray Eames.  Charles Eames deferred to her completely about color. Her inclination to view everything as a painting and her natural ability to see form in relation to other form were aspects that really drove the couple’s design practice. One of her paintings below:After looking at her work it is not surprising to learn that the German expressionist painter Hans Hoffman was her mentor and teacher. Ray and Charle’s house is now on display at LACMA and if you are in LA- go! It’s amazing. You can see that their house was another playground for Ray. You can also see Hans Hoffman paintings hanging from the ceiling next to a tumbleweed in their house.As stated by their colleagues Ray Eames staging of objects in photo shoots simply brought everything together. The below example of the famous Eames bird in the middle of the black wire chairs brings a warmth and a relatability that becomes essential to our response to them. Just imagine the chairs without the bird. It would seem cold and detached. You can see our small tribute to the Eames bird  painted on our Collector’s Desk stationery.The Eames also inspired Ice Cube. Check out him Celebrating them here:



Sylvia Plath Drawings


Sylvia Plath’s drawings are being exhibited for the first time in London. The drawing of the black shoes above are titled  The Bell Jar perhaps referring to the shoes that the protagonist in the book The Bell Jar fixates on at the end of the story?..




Inspired by the Process

inspiration  new work

photo credit: Stephen Chiu

I looked down one day and was in awe at how beautiful our paint palettes and color studies were and decided to share them by creating folded cards and wrapping paper out of them. By acknowledging the process and the by-products of our creative life I feel invigorated.

Check out the paint palette cards here and our NEW! Wrapping Paper here.

These designs were posted on the awesome Design Sponge, and traveled via the web to HOW design blog and Design Work Life! Thanks to all for the nice posts!



Emilio Pucci by Taschen


E and I spent a lot of time at Taschen looking through the Pucci Book. It displays a lot of his pattern paintings like the one featured above. The gorgeous book covers are all varied as they rolled out various Pucci fabrics to create the covers and once the fabric was gone they moved on to the next roll. The limited edition book includes four art prints and is signed by Pucci.



The Last Emperor


I finally watched the documentary about Valentino’s reign in the fashion world and recommend that you see it if you haven’t already. Best scenes include the retrospective of his work, his five pugs and Karl Lagerfeld whispering to Valentino; “Look what we do. Everyone else — they are making rags.” If you are curious about the formula that comprises the Valentino red it’s 100% magenta, 100% yellow and 10% black.

(1) Valentino with Catherine Deneuve via I’m the It Girl

(2) Valentino on the dunes set of his runway show

(3) Valentino putting earrings on one of his pugs

(4) Taschen book about Valentino’s life