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Our Booth at the National Stationery Show

national stationery show


We’re back from the National Stationery Show and wanted to share a picture of the life size desk we painted for the show. Oh So Beautiful Paper took some beautiful photos of the show here, The Sweetest Occasion photos are great too here. Studio DIY also took some awesome shots here. Thank goodness for people with booth photographing skills!




Back in the Saddle

national stationery show

We’re back from The National Stationery Show. We had a great time and big thanks to everyone that came to visit us. We work with some of the best and nicest store owners in the world and we’re feeling grateful. This is our booth pictured above. OH SO BEAUTIFUL PAPER posted some beautiful photos of our booth here.



National Stationery Show 2012

national stationery show

We’re off to NY tomorrow am to the National Stationery Show. This will be our second year.  Here are a few new items.



The National Stationery Show-Recap

Behind the Scenes  national stationery show

Now that the National Stationery show has come and gone and we have had some time to catch up on some correspondence and filling orders we wanted to share some images and details from the show. I will start off with a few of our challenges.

Frames 1-2- Our flooring was lost somewhere between California and NY. Thank goodness for the CB2 in Soho! They were super helpful and we purchased their FLOR tiles in Charcoal Grey. (Some pics of E schlepping bags to the subway).  E tells me after the show that my anniversary present was in the box with the flooring! I will let you know if it ever turns up..of course his plan of surprising me at the show is enough of a present for me. On the upswing we saw Jim Jarmusch on the way back.

Frame 3- Our next challenge occurred when we arrived at the Javit’s center the booth behind us was encroaching 2ft into our booth and we were not able to put our walls up. We let the professionals handle it. GLM and Manny Stone were really great and totally know what they are doing…thanks again to Aaron and Lloyd! From here things got better.. our logo that we  had made in LA and took on the plane with us went up with no problem.

Frame 4- We didn’t perform any preliminary layout before the show and taped up our designs and moved them around until we liked the arrangement. The installation was pretty time consuming because of all of the measuring and leveling of over 80 products, but we were happy in the end with the museum inspired exhibition layout.

Frame 5- The union guys were our comic relief and couldn’t understand why a woman they were helping earlier was angry because her whites didn’t match.. I can relate to both sides of that coin.

In the end our hard work paid off and we had a great show. There are many benefits to doing a show like this, but for me I really valued the opinions and insight that store owners, reps and our peers offered to us about our work. A sincere thanks to everyone that helped us with advice, who came by to say hi or sent people our way. We really enjoyed meeting everyone and we are looking forward to next year.

Also we just added new retailers to our retailer’s page. If you do not see a store near you please check back as we will be adding new shops to the list!

Oh! And we updated our press page.




We’re back from the National Stationery Show!

Dear Hancock Press  national stationery show

We are back from NSS and even though I have a longer post planned about the show, I wanted to share some press and images from our booth! I will add all of our new press to the press page after we get some orders out the door, but for now check out our new designs and booth featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper! We are so excited about our new retailers and reconnecting with the current shops that we work with. We met such amazing and supportive people..can’t wait to share more soon!