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Dear Hancock in Print

In Print


We are so excited to be included in this Watercolor book along with so many other great artists. Written by Leslie Dutcher and published by Chronicle Books. Here is a list of the other artists featured  with links:

Julia Demos , Danny GregorySamantha Hahn, Virginia Johnson, Anna Emilia Laitinen, Daire Lynch, Fabrice Moireau, Jane Mount, Amy Park, Cate Parr

Isadora Reimao,  Sujean Rim, Amy Ross, Jose Seligson, Becca Stadtlander, John Norman Stewart, Paolo Terdich, Tamara Thomsen, Jenny Vorwaller, Hannah Ward.

Description of Book: “Watercolor is taking the art, fashion, and home décor worlds by storm. The result is an explosion of amazing new work by contemporary artists. This volume surveys the current revival of this loveliest of mediums, in portfolios from more than 20 of today’s top watercolor artists from around the globe.”

More images posted on instagram @dearhancock.